Parallel Universe IPA

Central Otago IPA – 6.0%

Brewed for the 2017 Dunedin Beer Festival this beer pours a beautiful amber colour.  The nose is all a pungent grassy Yakima Valley Hop - Calypso.  This earthy profile gives way to contributing fruity aromas and flavors that exhibit notes of apples, pear and stone fruit.  This combines with our unique Wine & Ale yeast blend to make a truly drinkable Central Otago IPA.


Limited release available on Tap at select outlets.


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Beer Breakdown

Malt:  American Ale, Vienna, Aurora, Red Back Malt

Hops:   Southern Cross, Rakau, & Calypso

IBU's: 50

ABV:  6.0%

Yeast:  Lalvin 71B (Red Wine Yeast) & Wyeast 1272 American Ale


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