Cut Cat Session IPA

Our session IPA is loaded with Kohatu & Nelson Sauvin hops to give it a fruity punch.  Clean, easy drinking and designed with activities in mind; or a good old fashion session.  So the plan is after this, you will still be G2G (Good to Go).



Dave has a jet boat that goes like a Cut Cat. Stopped towards the top of the West arm of the Matukuituk River by a boulder bank for lunch, we needed a beer for the occasion.

Something packed with enough NZ citrus humulus lupulus buds to make Bob Marley smile but that would not get all fear and loathing and cause sand banks to jump out on the way back down, resulting in unintended groundings. Losing boats, groundings, and oars are reserved for my father and his rum drinking mates – because that's what they do.

Bought up in the Ionian Islands, consuming Alpha at all times we're still pretty relaxed about running aground under full sail; but prefer to watch someone else do it.

So the plan is after this, you'll still be G2G.




Available on Tap at select outlets, and in 330ml Cans individually or as a 6 Pack



Silver Medal AIBA 2017

Bronze Medal NZBGA 2016

Cut Cat Medals.png

Beer Breakdown:

Malt:  Ale, Vienna, Munich, Light Crystal

Hops:  Motueka, Kohatu, Nelson Sauvin

IBU's:  35

ABV:  3.8%

Yeast:  Safale S-05


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