Blazing Hops IPA

Our 2017 Central Otago IPA for GABS Festival in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

Blazing Hops our NZ Style Belgian IPA is out in bottles.  Using our unique combination of Wine and Ale yeast it starts the series by storming in at 8.0%!

Fruity aromas combine with subtle spices & cloves, which then give way to a sweet malt flavour which is followed by a combination of alcohol and a balanced hop bitterness from Pilgram and First Gold.



This Belgian IPA blazes in fruity & spicy with a hop bomb to follow. A light malt bill is made up for by cross fermenting Red Wine yeast, and American Ale yeast together. NZ Hops used late and very late make for a fashionably late appearance.




Available first at GABS and then on Tap and in 500ml bottles at select outlets.



Beer Breakdown:

Malt:  Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat Malt

Hops:  Brewers Gold, Endevour, First Gold, and Pilgram

IBU's:  61

ABV:  8%

Yeast:  Safale S-05 and Lalvin 71B-1122


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