'Be the Effect you want to see'


'Small changes can cause great effects.'  B.Effect crafts modern Central Otago beers for the mountains, the lake, and the batch. From sessionable hop forward beers to Central Otago Ales made with Wine Yeast.  Change is our only constant and we're crafting great beer for the good people of Wanaka to enjoy.

B.Effects philosophy is derived from the Edward Lorenz's Butterfly Effect, and it is built on highlighting small changes in the brewing process that have large effects on the final product.  Series of craft beers with small changes in one variable like the hops, yeast, grain and non- traditional adjunct's display how small changes have a great effect on the beer.

We design our recipes on our 50L pilot brewing setup.  All our beers are extensively researched, re-brewed as many times as needed, and thoroughly taste-tested (the hardest part) until we consider this a beer worthy of full production.  Our own brewery is part of the master plan for the future; but like good beer, good things take time, and it's best not to hurry life.

We'd rather not talk about something; we much prefer just getting on with it.  But we pride ourselves in making the best quality beer for people who expect nothing less.  Our aim is to make the best beers that can be made, and we're constantly making small changes and aiming for perfection. It's a tough ask, but since we like good people, we better make good beer.

B.Effect was founded by James Hay to fill the need for quality craft beers in Wanaka that can be enjoyed out on the lake, up the mountains, or after a ride through Sticky Forrest.  We're just trying to design the best lifestyle we can; by promoting & supporting leisure time.  Because according to Josef Pieper; 'leisure is the basis of culture', and along with enjoying a good beer that resonates with us.


“Good people drink good beer.”
Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas