Our Vivant Wanaka Red IPA

American Red IPA – 4.8%

American Red IPA starting with a sweet malt character, which is followed by a tropical hop note, and a bitter sweet long finish.  This is a beer to take the time, and Vivant is the French word meaning 'to live'.


Eternal life is on your trail, so watch for the red glitter coffin, it needs just one last nail.  Style of life here ensures that we should not waste it; rather remain Laid Back at all times. Even Baker Man would approve of making beer here. 

No need though to jump out of a plane with full band and instruments, we've thrown in five malts and hops to match. 

If we were marooned on Ruby Island, this Beer, Bowie's wisdom, and Buckley's Album Grace would get us through - guaranteed. So soak up the sun or snow, celebrate l994, put down your weapons, forget about world politics, and Bon Vivant - Live Well.



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Beer Breakdown

Malt:  Ale, Munich, Aurora, Red Back, Shepard's Delight, Gladiator

Hops:   Pacific Gem, Southern Cross, Cenntenial, Willamette, Waimea

IBU's:  35

ABV:  4.5%

Yeast:  Safale S-05%

Yeast:  Safale S-05


Secondary Support: